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 Cognitive Psychology & Emotional Design tickets - Designient School Of Masterminds

Cognitive Psychology & Emotional Design

(GMT+0530) India Time

This live event is being held online as part of our new live events series 'Learn UX From Home'

To learn in detail you can opt for a UX Design Diploma Course certified by Google: https://designient.com/design/ux-design-master/

We will be YouTube Live Streaming the Cognitive Psychology & Emotional Design event this coming Friday 24th April 2020


Technology and design guide us in many ways that can be both conscious and unconscious. The way we design is rooted in psychology; understanding how people think and behave fuels the way we design products and experiences. Deciding on what techniques, strategies, and methodologies to use in design all depend on the way the mind works, and so how does the mind work?

In this event we will be exploring the design of choices and decisions, discussing archetypes and human-robot interaction, and understanding interaction in the physical and digital space.

Join us as we sit down for another fantastic evening of theoretical insight, case studies, networking and more!

Speaker Information :

- SAMEER UL HAQUE - Founder and Mentor with 12 years of expertise.
(Stanford University graduate for Design Thinking)